“The Sound of Music” (week 4)

Not a likely choice for some people, but I absolutely love to hear the rooster crow.  To you city dwellers out there, they don’t just crow at 5 am.  He sounds off all day long.  I love to have the windows open and hear him in the distance.  Sometimes I think he is talking smack with the neighbors rooster, boasting about how life is on this side of the road. 





“Faith” (week 3)

Faith is believing without seeing.  Wow, now that is hard to capture in a photo.  I chose to post a photo of my church.  I’ve been attending here for over 30 years.  It doesn’t take a building to have faith.   It is only one part of a support structure for this crazy thing we call life.  (my mind just took off singing the rest of Prince’s song….)   OK, I’m back.  Faith to me, is believing in Jesus, and the promises in the Bible.  I’m not perfect and I know I never will be, but I am blessed beyond measure and it is my hope that all of my friends can find the same comfort and strength just by hearing the word…”faith.”


“What’s That Noise?” (Week 2)

Playing catch up on the weekly photo blog:  I chose our dinner bell for the topic of “What’s that Noise.”   We bought this old cast iron bell and put it outside our back door over a decade ago.   Used often to let the kids and hubby know that it’s time to wash up for dinner.  No cell phone can duplicate that precious sound or the smile that seems to be on everyone’s face when they hear it ring. Image

Trash or Treasure



My first photo of the challenge is this 1971 Schwinn Breeze bicycle.  I picked it up today from an online auction of unclaimed property.  It is rough, rusty, and worn.  Most people would consider it a piece of trash that should be hauled to the scrap yard. 

 It is a treasure to me.  Built like a tank in Chicago, USA, out of quality materials with American labor.  It is rare, useful, and classy. It rolled off the production line the same year I was born.  She may not be fast, but that’s OK.  Neither am I. 


Thank you for stopping by my blog and viewing my comments and photographs.  Beginning soon, I will be attempting to publish one photograph per week for 52 weeks and each photograph will be based upon 52 pre-determined themes.  A list of the themes are at the top of this page on the “Themes” tab. .  Some of the themes are fairly simple and some not so simple but our goal during this challenge will be to think outside the box and allow our photographs to reflect our creativeness and interpretations of each weekly theme.  With each photograph posted, I will go into detail telling you why I thought my photograph satisfied each weekly theme.  If you are up for a good challenge while at the same time using your camera to create thought provoking images, I would welcome you into this 52-week, fun-filled photo journey.  It’s going to be challenging, but what good things in life aren’t challenging?  Stay tuned…my journey starts soon.